The conductive Yarn--Anti-static Raw Filament In Polyester/Polyamide

The electric conductivity is below 107Ω/cm
Excellent electical conductivity and durability
Carbon fiber
Conductive metal
Anti-static use

Product Details

Product Introduction

The electric conductivity of the fiber is below 107Ω/cm normally.The fiber has the excellent performance of electical conductivity and durability even in the condition of low humidity.It has a wide application in the industry and civilian area.

conductive metal fiber

The white conductive fiber

conductive carbon fiber

The black conductive fiber

conductive fiber in grey

The grey conductive fiber


    Conductive fiber product range is a kind of organic conductive fiber that uses the composite spinning technique with polyester and nylon as the primary structure, the black carbon or metal compounds as the conductive material.The color is mainly in black and white,the electrical resistance is less than 107Ω/cm,the product performance reachs Class A standard for national special protective garment and the washing endurance frequency reachs plus 150 times.

     The fiber employs self-innovated unique process to disperse the conducting medium in normal fiber-forming polymer with the critial concentration by the electron tunneling effect coming from high temperature,no humidity dependence,the conductive performance won’t change even on the condition of low humidity,and the related product is unacted on the environment humidity.

     The quality of the products are stable,convenient to process sunsequently.It only needs a little bit of incorporation of the conductive fiber(about 1-3%) to process with other fiber,weaved into various anti-static,dustproof garment and textiles,the electric density of the face of the textiles can be reduced obviously in this way.

     It can form a homogeneous conducting layer on the inside or faceside of polyester/nylon fiber by melt spinning technology,so the conductive layer won’t fall off,thus the products have the excellent performances such as washability,,abrasion resistence,bend resistence,etc.By the superior conductive function,we can make sure that it 'll pass the tests at home and abroad.

2)Product catalog

The stock products are below for you to choose and we can customize as per your requirements on SPEC.,composite method,length,weight,etc.

product catalog1.JPG

*Notes:Pls see the part in grey for info of raw filaments and pls contact us for the specific quotations.

3)The models to show how the function works


4)The application

With the improvement of people’s living standard and the strength of awareness to protect environment,the application of anti-static fabrics is expanding day by day.The garments in anti-static fabrics such as business wear,frock,protection suit become increasingly   common,the anti-static fabrics are a sudden rise to become the star product on the clothing market.The lastest market trend shows that,the anti-static fabrics in many developed countries are used in the home textile products area.The fabric are in great demand and the orders are constant.

^Uniform—Military unifrom,policeman unifrom,school unifrom,etc.

^Frocks—For flammable and explosive industry in oil,chemical,mine,etc.

^Cleanness—Dustfree environment such as E-factory,spaceflight,lab,pharmacy,etc.

^Tools—Anti-static brush,gloves,wrist strap,etc.

^Home textiles—Blanket,carpet,sweater,socks,cleaning cloth,etc.

^Anti-static cashmere sweater

^Others—Non-woven fabrics,filter felt,climbing wear,aotomobile fabrics,health care appreal.


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