Conductive Antibacterial Nylon Copper Yarn DTY

Conductive Antibacterial Nylon Copper Yarn DTY

Nylon copper yarn Nylon DTY Antibacterial,Antimicrobial,Anti-odor,Conductive Heat insulation

Product Details

nylon copper yarn.jpg

The conductive nylon copper yarn

The nylon copper yarn use the nylon 6 as carrier in count as below:


The Charateristics:


2.Superb Conductivity Control

3.Vocs reduction

The application of the nylon copper yarn

1.Static Control Material






EMI Shielding Electrowave reflection material

-Wall covering


-Military shield

Anti-microbial/Antibacterial/Anti fungal/Deodorizing material

-Under wear


-Shoe lining and inner sole

-Medical clothes & Bedding

The Pictures of the yarn

nylon dty yarn.jpg

Nylon copper yarn

Antibacterial copper yarn.jpg

Nylon DTY

conductive copper yarn.jpg

Conductive copper yarn


Bacterial performance

Vocs reduction


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