Advantages of silver Fiber

- Jun 23, 2017 -

First, higher comfort

Pregnant women who are familiar with radiation-proof clothing know. Anti-radiation clothing mainly has metal fiber and silver fiber two kinds of material, and silver fiber material compared to metal fiber, has a better feel, touch. The body comfortable, breathable good, not stiff. It is well formed and more supple.

Second, good antibacterial

Talking about the antibacterial properties of silver fiber, this is also a physical and chemical small common sense. The silver is a chemical element, and the chemistry symbol AG, the atomic number is 47. Silver fiber has antibacterial function because the silver ions can adsorb microorganisms in the liquid, so that microorganisms on the respiration of the enzymes to lose their role, so as to remove microorganisms. The antibacterial ability of silver ions is very astonishing, 1 billion per cent mg of silver can purify 1 kilograms water. For example, ordinary antibiotics can eliminate six different pathogens, while silver-containing antibiotics can eliminate more than 650 pathogens. This characteristic of silver material was widely applied to medicine as early as more than 2000 years ago. The ancient nobles also favored silver tableware.

Third, excellent radiation resistance

Silver is a beautiful silver-white metal, it has good flexibility, ductility, and its conductivity and heat transfer in the metal is the highest. It is also due to the fact that silver can be used to make silver fibres and then produce garments. And good conductivity is decided, its radiation-resistant clothing material in radiation resistance is much better than metal fiber. When the silver fiber fabric touches the surrounding electromagnetic field, the electromagnetic wave can be refracted, reflected or converted into thermal energy at a faster speed and higher efficiency. Take "blossoming" brand silver fiber radiation-proof clothing For example, its different silver fiber material shielding efficiency of about 1.5 times times, twice times or more of metal fiber material.

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