Application of silver Fiber

- Jun 23, 2017 -

The protective clothing of silver fiber is based on the characteristics of low immunity and weak resistance of infants. The use of pure natural cotton and silver fiber blended fabrics produced, with anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory allergy function, effectively blocking the invasion of bacteria and the spread of viruses, can be very good to prevent the occurrence of infant diseases, so as to protect the health of infants.

Anti-radiation clothing for pregnant women with silver fiber

Silver fiber radiation Protection clothing is the silver through the special technology, will be a layer of pure silver permanent combination on the surface of the fiber obtained by High-tech products. This structure not only enables the silver fiber to maintain the original textile properties, but also gives it all the silver has the magical function, the magical effect of silver fiber. Silver has the most effective antimicrobial resistance. The silver fiber radiation-resistant fabric made from silver-containing fiber by nanotechnology is the latest radiation-proof technology after metal radiation-proof fiber cloth in the world, which has the function of anti-radiation, antibacterial and anti-fouling, and is the ideal cloth for the production of radiation-proof garments. Its radiation-proof effect is better than the use of other metal materials made of radiation-proof cloth, can be worn snugly and beneficial to the human body.

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