Product efficiency of silver fiber

- Jun 23, 2017 -

Radiation protection

Silver has good conductivity, this performance is the general conductive metal several times even hundreds of times times, conductive radiation resistance of the basic principle. With silver fiber woven fabric is shielding electromagnetic radiation excellent material.


Because of the high conductivity of silver, anti-5000v electrostatic, with electromagnetic shielding function, as long as a small amount of silver fiber clothing, will quickly eliminate the friction caused by static electricity, so that the product has no electrostatic comfort, so silver fiber can be very fast and efficient transmission of electricity out, and can protect the body from electromagnetic waves (pregnant women can protect the unborn fetus from electromagnetic wave pollution).

Strong deodorant

Mildew deodorization function, bacteria breeding will make the body stink, and silver fiber surface silver ions can very quickly ammonia and metamorphic protein adsorbed on it and reduce or eliminate the odor.

Strong antibacterial

The mechanism of metal silver sterilization is to block the physiological process of bacteria. In warm, humid environments, silver ions have very high biological activity-meaning that silver ions are easily combined with other substances to solidify proteins inside and outside the cell membrane, thus blocking the process of respiration and reproduction of bacterial cells. The warmer and wetter the environment, the stronger the activity of silver ions.

Silver fibres were tested to resist 99.9% of bacteria exposed to surface phenomena within 1 hours. Most other antimicrobial products have not been tested for the same effect for 48 hours.

Silver fiber is a close polymerization of silver and fiber, with a permanent, not due to time and washing and decline, even after washing 250 times, the antibacterial function is still not reduced.

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