Properties of silver fibers

- Jun 23, 2017 -

(1) Strong in addition to odor, strong antibacterial:

Bacteria can cause odors in the body, and silver ions on the surface of silver fibers will quickly adsorb the spoiled proteins and reduce or eliminate odors. The tested silver fibers can resist 99.9% bacteria exposed to surface phenomena within 1 hours. Most other antimicrobial products have not been tested for the same effect for 48 hours. Therefore, silver fiber is a broad spectrum, efficient, safe, long-lasting antibacterial deodorant fiber.

(2) All natural and durability:

Silver fiber is made of "pure silver", which is a natural element formed by nature and has no toxic side effect of general chemical products. Silver fiber is the silver and fiber tightly polymerized to completely rely on the natural properties of silver to kill bacteria, without any chemical agents, no stimulation. Tim Shield Silver fiber using European technology, strong, even after washing 250 times, its antibacterial function still did not drop.

(3) Antistatic, electromagnetic shielding:

Silver in all metal conductivity is the best, this feature makes silver fiber has a very good anti-static, electromagnetic shielding function. Because of the high conductivity of silver, anti-5000v electrostatic, with electromagnetic shielding function, as long as a small amount of silver fiber clothing, will quickly eliminate the friction caused by static electricity, so that the product has no electrostatic comfort, so silver fiber can be very fast and efficient transmission of electricity out, and can protect the body from electromagnetic waves (pregnant women can protect the unborn fetus from electromagnetic wave pollution).

(4) Heat conduction:

Silver fiber can quickly transfer the temperature of the skin, to reduce the body temperature, to achieve a cool feeling; in the cold weather, the human body capillary contraction no longer a lot of perspiration, instead of emitting radiant energy to regulate the body temperature, body temperature loss due to radiation effects, and silver is the most effective storage and reflective material, can be stored or reflected back to the body, to produce the best warm effect.

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