Silver Fiber Development

- Jul 01, 2018 -

Silver Fiber Development

The original silver fiber production technology was based on nylon 6 and formed by electroless silver plating on a surface of a nylon fiber.

With the development of science and technology, the development of silver fiber from the initial chemical silver plating method to the use of nanotechnology as the underlying technology, the use of chemical methods, physical methods combined with silver fiber production technology, production of fabric that is nano silver fiber fabric. However, there are only a few factories that can produce nano-silver fibers in China. Most of the technologies are immature and the performance of products is unstable.

The silver in the traditional sputtering process is physically attached to the textile fibers. Due to the lack of precision of the process, there are often phenomena such as leakage and splashing, which will affect the electromagnetic shielding effect of the garment to a certain extent and form a shielding leakage problem. Excellent plus radiation suit "Silver ion ultra-precision quenching technology" completely solved this technical problem.

In addition, in view of the problem that the traditional silver fiber radiation protection suit is easy to oxidize and discolor, "silver ion ultra-precision quenching technology" has also been well solved. After precision quenching, laser processing, secondary double plating, and silver fiber are also applied. The formation of an oxygen membrane is isolated from oxygen, which greatly enhances the oxidation resistance of the fabric.

The self-test data of the Textile College of Donghua University shows that the new fabric with the “silver ion ultra-precision quenching technology” has a silver content increased by about 30% compared with the traditional silver fiber fabric (more adhesion) Intensive), oxidation resistance increased by 45% (over-plated oxygen membrane), shielding effect increased by 26 percentage points; fabric comfort, blind test by unfamiliar sensory, 100% of the testee.

The most advanced and mature production technology of domestic silver fiber fabrics and nano silver fibers should be “wide-area nano-implanted silver plating technology”, which is based on chemical fiber and cotton fiber, and is silver-plated by wide-area nano-implantation. The technology makes the silver ion core ingeniously and firmly integrated with cellulose, which greatly improves the stability of the product and maximizes the performance of silver ions. The application of this technology greatly enhances the production technology of domestic functional fabrics. It has contributed to the development of the domestic special textile industry.

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