Silver Fiber Performance

- Jul 01, 2018 -

Silver Fiber Performance

Radiation protection

Silver has good electrical conductivity. This property is several times or even hundreds of times that of general conductive metals. The basic principle of conductive radiation resistance. Fabrics woven from silver fibers are excellent materials for shielding electromagnetic radiation.


Due to the high conductivity of silver, it is resistant to 5000v static electricity and has electromagnetic shielding function. As long as a small amount of silver fiber is present on the clothes, the static electricity generated by friction will be quickly eliminated, and the product has a static-free comfort, so the silver fiber can be very fast. It also conducts electricity efficiently and protects the human body from electromagnetic waves (pregnant women can protect the fetus in the abdomen from electromagnetic waves).

Strong deodorization

Anti-mildew and deodorizing function, bacteria breeding will make the body produce odor, and the silver ions on the surface of silver fiber can very quickly absorb the protein of Ammonia and degeneration to reduce or eliminate odor.

Strong antibacterial

The mechanism of metal silver sterilization is to block the physiological process of bacteria. In warm and humid environments, silver ions have a very high biological activity - this means that silver ions are easily combined with other substances, allowing proteins inside and outside the bacterial cell membrane to coagulate, thereby blocking the respiratory and reproductive processes of bacterial cells. The warmer and more humid the environment, the stronger the activity of silver ions.

Silver fibers were tested to resist 99.9% of bacteria exposed to surface phenomena within 1 hour. Most other antibacterial products failed to achieve the same results after 48 hours of testing.

Silver fiber is made by tightly polymerizing silver and fiber. It is permanent and will not decrease with time and washing. Even after washing 250 times, its antibacterial function is not reduced.

All natural

Silver fiber is made of "pure silver", which is a natural element formed by nature. It has no toxic side effects of general chemical products.

Thermal insulation

THERMODYNAMIC: Silver fiber can quickly transmit the temperature on the skin to reduce the body temperature and reach a cool feeling. In cold weather, the pores of the human body do not shrink by a lot of perspiration, and instead radiate energy to regulate body temperature. The loss of body temperature is due to radiation effects, and silver is the most effective material for storage and reflection. It can store or reflect radiation energy back to the body to produce the best thermal effect.

medical insurance

With the "silver" rapid conduction characteristics, blood circulation can be promoted, fatigue feeling can be eliminated or significantly reduced, and medical health care functions can be achieved. It is theoretically true that clothing containing silver components is easily conductive and increases the risk of being struck by lightning. However, a clothing made of silver fibers contains less than one percent of silver, as long as it is not worn in rainy days. It is still very safe.

Radiation suit

Colorful silver fiber adopts international leading technology, fully combines silver ion and fiber, and places silver on the fiber core layer. Has a stronger protection, while light and comfortable, soft and breathable, with better comfort.

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