The difference between nano silver fiber and silver plated fiber

- Jul 12, 2018 -

The difference between nano silver fiber and silver plated fiber

Nowadays, more and more partners have learned the magical and powerful role of silver fiber. At the same time, many partners have mixed up with the nano silver promoted in the market, although both nano silver and silver fiber have superior antibacterial and antibacterial functions. But they are very different. Some partners think that nano silver is silver fiber? Xiaobian comrades have been repeatedly asked this question by our customers. It seems that it is time to give everyone a comprehensive understanding of nano silver and silver fiber!

Discussions on the safety of nanosilver have long existed. Some people think that the use of metallic silver for thousands of years proves that silver is harmless to health. However, this view ignores the difference between nano silver and metallic silver. Nano silver also has special properties that metal silver does not have. At present, we have very limited understanding of the toxicity of nano silver. Others, artificially nano-silver, may cause harm to human health and the environment.

There are two types of silver fiber: nano silver fiber and silver plated fiber.

1, conceptually distinguish

Nano Silver is a metal silver element with a particle size that is nanoscale. The size of nano-silver is mostly around 25 nanometers. Nano-silver fiber is directly coated with nano-silver on the cloth. It is also the coating. The initial anti-radiation effect is good, but it is not breathable. It is easy to fall off. It is not durable.

Silver fiber is a high-tech product obtained by permanently bonding a layer of pure silver to the surface of the fiber through special techniques. This structure not only keeps the silver fiber in its original textile properties, but also gives it all the magical features of silver.

2, look at the appearance

The silver-plated fabric, with a 60x or 100x microscope, clearly shows the presence of a trace of silver fiber, which is not visible with a microscope.

3, attributes

Silver-plated silver fiber belongs to metal silver. It sterilizes and inhibits bacteria through physical action. By blocking the bacteria around it and blocking the necessary source of bacteria life, it can inhibit the growth of bacteria. Since bacteria do not breed, it will not appear naturally. Odor, odor is a chemical reaction in the body of microorganisms, releasing gas, and the smell of gas is odor in our view.

Silver-plated fiber adopts infiltration technology, which combines metal silver and other ring textile fibers with organic integration and functional improvement. It is resistant to rinsing and natural safety. It will not cause heavy metal deposition on the human body and endanger the environment.

Nanosilver is chemically bactericidal and bactericidal by chemical action. The active group of nanosilver is a charged silver ion. Due to its size in the nanometer scale, it will bring about special properties different from metallic silver. The antibacterial effect of nanosilver is greatly enhanced, and its mechanism may be related to the release of silver ions faster than its large specific surface area, and may also be related to the surface activity of nanosilver itself. Therefore, a smaller concentration of nano silver can be used to achieve a stronger antibacterial effect. Nanosilver achieves the goal of killing bacteria by volatilizing silver ions. 4 nanometer silver harms the United States and other countries in Europe and the United States is banned from using nanosilver as an antibacterial material, because silver ions will be released continuously. If nanosilver is absorbed by human body, it will accumulate and cause lesions, and it will never be excreted. Harm to human health.

There is currently no direct evidence of the effects of nanosilver on human health, but from some in vitro tests we can see the potential hazards of silver. Studies have shown that exposure to silver nanoparticles can lead to inflammatory reactions, oxidative stress, genotoxicity (which affects germ cells), and cytotoxicity.

The common "nano silver fiber technology" on the market is to add nano-scale silver particles during the fiber forming process. It will spread to the environment and the bottom of the skin and the depths of the internal organs, endangering the human body and the environment. Domestic radiation protection suits for pregnant women are mostly nano silver fiber products. The labels can not be worn close to the body. It is recommended not to wash frequently. The nano silver particles will be lost, not only the effect will be reduced, but also the environment will be damaged. (Tips: All mothers should not be cheap at the time of purchase, we must look at the logo, causing unnecessary losses is a trivial matter, endangering physical health is the least worthwhile)

The National Institutes of Health pointed out that animal studies have shown that silver can accumulate in the body. Accumulation of colloidal silver in the human body can lead to silver deposition.

The use of nanosilver products can also pose a potential hazard to the environment. Such as nano silver washing machine claims to be effective sterilization. But this will also kill normal bacteria. Nanosilver discharged into the sewage kills normal bacteria in the soil and water, which circulates on the soil and water. Therefore, the nano silver washing machine in Sweden has been banned from continuing production.


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