The main application of silver fiber

- Jun 23, 2017 -

(1) Clothing and health socks

Silver fiber can not only anti-bacterial deodorant and can regulate body temperature, but also moisture and perspiration, promote human circulation, so such as silver fiber and cotton, wool, hemp, cashmere, modal and other blended, will be very suitable for underwear, pajamas, sportswear, T-shirt and so on. In addition, silver fiber is also very suitable for health socks, foot walking friction will produce a lot of static electricity, when these static current through the high conductive silver fiber, silver fiber will be converted into a magnetic field, the role of the magnetic field can strengthen the human blood circulation, with the special work of helping sleep, relieving fatigue. Magnetic force will be driven by the gravitational force of the blood in the foot, so wearing silver fiber socks can prevent swollen feet, alleviate fatigue.

(2) Home Textiles

Silver Fiber excellent function is also very suitable for home textile products, especially with the human body frequent contact bedding, such as bedding (bed linen, bedspread, quilt cover), sand release, curtains, sleeping bags and so on.

(3) Electromagnetic shielding material

Silver fiber can be used as electromagnetic shielding textile materials. Mainly used in electronics, communications, military and functional textiles, there are alternatives to nickel, copper-plated fiber and fabric trends. At present, the domestic nano-silver fiber used in radiation protection of pregnant women's clothing, you can foresee that the future will be used in the silver fiber in radiation protection clothing will have a broad market prospects.

(4) Medical and health products

Silver fiber can also be used for the preparation of medical supplies, such as surgical clothing, nurses clothing, hospital disinfection dressings, bandages, masks and so on. In the highly pathogenic environment, its broad spectrum, high efficiency, safe and lasting antibacterial function can help to protect against the human body.

(5) Military equipment

This fiber development of the Field Service with anti-bacterial, deodorant, radiation, anti-static, anti-pollution and other functions, in the absence of water, unconditional washing in the wild environment can prolong the wear period, protect human health. It is understood that the U.S. military has the silver fiber and coolmax® blended fabrics used in military uniforms.

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