The performnace of the silver fiber

- May 28, 2018 -

The performance of the silver fiber

The original silver fiber production technology was based on nylon 6, and the chemical silver plating technology was used to form a silver coating on the surface of nylon fiber.

With the development of science and technology, silver fiber from the initial chemical silver plating method, the development to the nanotechnology underlying technology, using the chemical method, physical method combined with silver fiber production technology, production of fabrics for the nano silver fiber fabrics. However, there are few factories in China that can produce nano silver fiber, most of which are immature in technology and have unstable product performance.

Silver in the traditional spatter plating process is attached to the textile fiber in physical form. Due to the lack of precision of the process, there will be leakage splash, splash and other phenomena, which will affect the electromagnetic shielding effect of the garment to a certain extent and form the problem of shield leakage. The "silver ion ultra-precision quenching and plating technology" of uplus radiation-proof suit completely solves this technical problem.

The other, in view of the traditional silver fiber radiation protection suits easy oxidation discoloration problem, "ultra-precision quenching of silver ion plating technology" also gave a very good solution, precision quenching after plating, again through the laser technology, secondary after plating, outside the silver fiber forming filter membrane, oxygen and oxygen isolation, greatly improve the oxidation resistance of fabrics.

Donghua university institute of textile test data show that the optimum adding "ultra-precision quenching of silver ion plating technology" of the new fabric, compared with the traditional silver fiber fabric, same size, the silver content of 30% or so (adhesion degree more intensive), the oxidation resistance of 45% (after the oxygen filter membrane plating), shielding effect increased by 26%; The comfort of the fabric was 100% approved by the subjects through the blind test of unfamiliar senses.

Domestic silver fiber fabric, nano silver fiber production technology's most advanced and mature should be "s type nanometer implanted silver plating technology, the technology is based on chemical fiber and cotton fiber matrix, with s type nano silver technology place, make the silver ions and firmly and cellulose combined into an organic whole, thus greatly improves the stability of the product, the silver ions to the maximum performance, the application of the technology greatly improved the production technology of domestic functional fabrics, contributing to the development of domestic special textile industry.

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