What is Safe Metal ?

- May 25, 2018 -

What is "Safe Metal" ?

No one knows when humans discovered silver metal, but our ancestors had long known that this metal possessed a magical purification capability: Cyrus the Great, Persia’s king, had ordered all its troops to use it 2,500 years ago. Silver jars are filled with water because silverware holds more clean water than other containers. In ancient Rome, silver nitrate was used as a medicine, and was recorded in the ancient pharmacopoeia published in Rome in 69 BC. In the "Natural History" written by Pliny the Elder in 78 AD, it described the characteristics of silver: "It has a therapeutic effect... It has special effects in promoting wound healing."

The wealthy Romans use silver and silver dishes daily, not only because silver is a symbol of abundance: noble families feed their babies with silver spoons, in the belief that this can eliminate the disease. “At that time, people did not know the mechanism of silver sterilization,” said A. Bart Flick, an orthopedic surgeon and trauma recovery specialist in Clayton, Georgia. Frick often uses silver for topical wound treatment. He said: "Obviously, silver is only good for people's health, and there is no harm in the situation at the time. Therefore, people regard silver as 'safe'. metal'."

Nowadays, silver is used more widely. For example, people use it for preventing eye infections in newborns, treating burns, and producing ionizing rinse water.

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