what is the difference between the Nano silver textile and silver plated textile

- Jun 28, 2018 -


Nano silver

A metallic silver substance with a diameter of less than 100 nanometers, usually between 2 and 50 nanometers. Nanosilver is a silver particle of atomic structure, not a silver ion. Nano-silver has no charge and is a solid monoplasm. Its products are to mix nano-silver into solid or liquid media or matrix in different ways. The color of nano-silver solution also changed with the concentration of different colors, and the same concentration of nano-silver particles gradually deepened with the increase of nano-particles. Therefore, in terms of "nano silver", its characteristics are:

1) nano silver is a "silver particle" composed of atomic structure, without charge.

2) the application of nano silver is closely related to its real particle size and whether it has nano effect.

3) silver nanoparticles are not charged and will not be deposited with a variety of bioactive substances in organisms, so they will not be toxic.

4) it is non-toxic, tasteless and has no side effects. It does not contain free radicals and is harmless to human cells.

Nowadays more and more partners, awareness of silver fiber magic and powerful function, at the same time also has a lot of partners and propaganda of nano silver confuse STH with STH else on the market, although the nano silver and silver fiber have strong antibacterial antibacterial function, but the difference is very big, some partners think nano fiber, silver is silver? Our clients have asked us this question over and over again. It seems that it is time to give you a comprehensive understanding of nano silver and silver fiber.

The safety of nanosilver has long been discussed. Some people think that the use of metal silver over thousands of years has proved that silver is harmless to health. But this view ignores the nano silver and silver also there is a difference, and nano silver also has the special properties of the metallic silver did not have, now we know about the toxicity of silver nanoparticles is still very limited. Others argue that nanosilver may be harmful to human health and the environment.

Silver fibers are divided into two types: nanosilver fibers and silver-plated fibers

1. Conceptual distinction

Nano Silver is a metal Silver monomer with a particle size of nanometer. Nano silver particle size of around 25 nm mostly, nano silver fiber is the nano silver plating on the cloth directly. Namely coating. The early anti-radiation effect is good, but not breathable. Easy to fall off. Don't last long.

Chinese name: nano silver (nano silver powder)

Foreign name: Nano Silver

Subject: chemistry

Usage: directly or indirectly

Advantage: good electrical conductivity

Hazard: may be harmful to human health

Applications: antibacterial, catalytic, superconducting, optical materials, etc

Preparation methods: vacuum evaporation, electrochemical reduction, etc

Silver fiber is a high-tech product of a layer of pure silver permanently attached to the surface of the fiber by special technology. This structure not only keeps the original textile properties of silver fiber, but also endows all its silver with magical functions.

Chinese name: silver coated fiber

The foreign name is Silver fiber

The effect can

Radiation protection

Antistatic property

Strong deodorant

Strong antibacterial

All natural

Heat insulation

Health care

2. Look at the appearance

Silver-coated fabric, with a microscope of 60 or 100 times, can clearly show the presence of a tiny sliver of silver fiber, while nano-silver fabric can be seen without a microscope.

A sliver of silver-coated fiber under a microscope

3, attributes,

Silver fiber belongs to metallic silver, silver plated by physical sterilization bacteriostasis, based on the adsorption of bacteria around, blocking bacteria essential source of life, thus suppressing the effect of bacterial growth, since bacteria breeding, naturally there will not be a bad smell, odor is microbial reaction in the body, releasing gas, the gas is faulty, in our opinion is the smell.

Silver fiber the permeability of solid technology "is the metallic silver and other textile fiber with organic integration and function improvement, resistance to rinse, natural security, will not cause the deposition of heavy metals to human body, is bad for the environment.

Nano silver is a chemical is through the effect of chemical antiseptic bacteriostasis, active group of silver nanoparticles is take charge of silver ions, due to its size in nanometer scale, will bring the special properties of the totally different from metallic silver. The antibacterial effect of nano silver has been greatly enhanced, and its mechanism may be related to its large specific surface area to release silver ions more quickly, or to the surface activity of nano silver itself. Therefore, a smaller concentration of nano silver can be used to achieve a stronger antibacterial effect. Nanosilver kills bacteria by volatilizing silver ions. 4 nano silver harm the United States and other European and American countries is to ban the use of silver nanoparticles as antimicrobial materials used, because the release silver ions will continue, if silver nanoparticles absorbed by human body organs, accumulate and produce lesions, and can never be out of the body, great harm to human health.

There is no direct evidence of the effects of nanosilver on human health, but some in vitro experiments have shown the potential hazards of silver. Studies have shown that exposure to silver nanoparticles can lead to inflammation, oxidative stress, genetic toxicity (which affects reproductive cells) and cytotoxicity.

The common "nano-silver fiber technology" in the market is to add nano-sized silver particles to the fiber forming process. It can spread to the environment and the bottom of the skin and the inner parts of the body, endangering the human body and the environment. Domestic pregnant women with radiation protection suits is nano silver fiber products more, mark cannot be close-fitting wear, recommend not frequent cleaning, nanometer silver particles can damage, not only efficacy, and pollute the environment and cause damage to the human body. (warm reminder: when buying, your prospective mother should not look for a moment's bargain, but must see clearly the logo, causing unnecessary loss is a small matter, harm health is the most unworthy)

Animal studies have shown that silver can accumulate in the body, according to the national institutes of health. The accumulation of colloidal silver in the human body can lead to silvering disease.

The use of nanosilver products can also cause potential harm to the environment. Nanosilver washing machines, for example, claim to be effective at killing bacteria. But it also kills normal bacteria. Nanosilver released into sewage can kill normal bacteria in the soil and water, which circulate in the soil and water. So nanosilver washing machines have been banned in Sweden.

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