What kind of bacterias resisted by the textiles?

- Sep 18, 2018 -

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Antibacterial,in broad themes,can only resist two kinds of bacterias,one is Gram-negative bacteria,the other is Gram-positive bacteria.Gram staining Method is the widely used as a differential staining,it's created by Denmark doctor and biologist Hans Christian Joachim Gram in 1884.

Now we can know,Danmark not only has Anderson,mermaid,fairy tales,but also the Gram.The God create man and woman, Gram divided the bacterias into negative and positive.

As per the standards to test the textiles for antibacterial by ISO,AATCC,JIS,GB,etc,to test whether the textiles are anti-microbial  or not,we'll choose one Gram-negative bacteria and one Gram-positive bacteria.It's representative to choose in this way.As per the sharp of the bacterias,it can be classified as coccus,bacillus and spirillum.

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  1. The representive of Gram-opsitive bacteria

    Staphylococcus aureus Rosenbach is the very common in the purulent infection,it can cause purulent    infection in parts,also the pneumonia,PMC,pericarditis and even the general infection such as septicemia,pyohemia,etc,it's one of the most important kind for the antibacerial tests.

    Staphylococcus aureus Rosenbach is a world health problems,the food poisoning caused by it accounting for 33% in all of the bacterial food poisoning cases,it's more to be 45% for Canada,the poisoning cases is also very common in China.

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   2.The fisrt representive of Gram-negative bacteria

Escherichia coli is called colibacillus generally speaking,it founded by Escherichia in 1885,it's                considered as the component of the normal gut flora over a very long periods.Until the middle of              20th century,people realized some special serotype gut floras are pathogenic for human and                          animals,especially for babies and animals yields,causing the severe diarrhea.

   3.The second representive of Gram-nagative bacteria

In 1882,Friedlander separated it from the sputum by patients with lobar pneumonia,so it's called            friedlander bacillus.This bacterial exists in the human intestinal,airway,causing                            bronchitis,pneumonia,wound infection,and even blood poisoning,meningitis,peritonitis,etc.

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Ps: In the antibacterial testing,the colibacillus and friedlander bacillus is usually as the two options to choose.

And how the antibacterial textiles to be anti-microbial and anti bacterial?

The silver fiber and copper fiber have the strong redox property,they can inhibit many kinds of pathogens,mainly by the interaction with oxygen molecules,it's the influence of oxygen radical in nature.The bacteria outer membrane,and the genetic material will be damaged by the oxygen radical,and resulting in the death of the bacterias.


Our silver and copper fiber can strongly and enduringly be antibacterial,antiodor,self chean,promoting the body immunity,having the effect of protection and health care.


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