Which is better for metal fiber and silver fiber?

- Jul 12, 2018 -

Which is better for metal fiber  and silver fiber?

Can be compared from different angles:

1. In terms of performance, taking the scientific and rigorous data on the test report, the shielding rate of metal fiber can reach 99.9%, and the shielding rate of silver fiber can reach 99.9999%, although the silver fiber is better, but after the decimal point A few 9, more and not much, can be ignored.

2. In terms of price, of course, silver fiber is expensive, so the same price of a piece of clothing, silver fiber may be a small sling, metal fiber will be a big piece of clothing, of course, from the protective area, of course Metal fiber has to be protected much, and it is cost-effective.

3. In terms of time, silver, which is a chemical reaction that will oxidize and sulphur in the air, will be partially converted into silver oxide and silver sulfide, so the period of use is not recommended to be too long, but before and after pregnancy. This year is completely without problems. Metal fiber, it is stainless steel fiber after all, it is forbidden and imprisoned, and it is forbidden to wash and ban. (There is no prohibition here, it means no forbidden.) So there is no time problem with metal fiber, you just wear it for a lifetime. It is also radiation-proof.

4. However, silver fiber also has the advantage that the composition of silver has certain effects on antibacterial, bacteriostatic, deodorizing, and promoting microcirculation of the body surface, so it has some advantages in health care functions.

5. In addition, the demand for wearing, metal fiber clothing is relatively more suitable for external wear, silver fiber clothing is more suitable for inner wear, people have their own needs. ”

In other words, good and bad are relative, the key is what you do with it.

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