Who should buy screen touch gloves with X-silver yarn

- Dec 11, 2017 -


Touchscreen gloves with x-silver yarn are for anyone who uses a smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch and lives (or regularly visits) somewhere that gets cold. At some point or another, you’ll be out in the cold and need to respond to a text you just received, or to use your device for some other reason, and you won’t want to strip down to do it. Touchscreen gloves are also handy for drivers of cars with touchscreen panels.

If you already have a pair of subpar touchscreen gloves, you may be familiar with the frustration of attempting to edit an incoherent text message that you just Swyped with fingers the size of fish sticks. Or maybe you have a thin pair that’s accurate but warm enough only when the temperature isn’t especially cold. If you’re in either category, you should consider an upgrade.

However, you should not buy these gloves expecting them to last a lifetime. A pair of good touchscreen gloves will last you a full winter or two if you’re lucky, but the conductive material that enables touchscreen compatibility will wear down over time. Regular washing will help clear grease, dirt, and grime off the conductive threads, but you can go only so long until the threads start degrading. Knit gloves are also prone to snagging on the Velcro often found on winter wear. (We haven’t used any leather models long enough to determine how their touchscreen functionality holds up over time. We’ll be monitoring those picks to see how they last.)

You also shouldn’t expect any touchscreen gloves to keep your hands toasty andallow you to type as if your hands were bare. With these kinds of gloves, you accept a trade-off between warmth and accuracy. Heavy-duty gloves aren’t great for typing, while the thinnest gloves won’t keep your hands much warmer than if you were wearing no gloves at all. So we focused mostly on the middle ground: gloves that are warm enough to get you through a commute, if not what you’d want to use in a snowball fight, while also letting you type pretty well. We also looked for alternate designs for different use cases: colder weather, warmer climates, and leather style.

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