Breakthrough Technology With Silver Fiber

- May 29, 2018 -

Breakthrough Technology

The Master Caution® is the first and only 3-12 lead ECG smart digital garment that is CE/FDA-cleared. It advocates a full management solution for the purpose of transforming healthcare, offering a digital health platform and virtual medical care intertwined with the Medical Internet-of-Things. This non-lifestyle changing disruptive technology, based on wearable textile-electrodes and heart-sensing sensors and technologies, contains a myriad of accurate digital health diagnostic services including mobile cardiac telemetry, patient monitoring tele-health services and other services that allow for in-home medical services. MasterCaution’s® continuous monitoring solutions assist clinicians in remotely monitoring their elderly or bed-ridden patients: being alerted of cardiac events such as ischemia and arrhythmias in near real-time, using the Master Caution®’s automatic analyasis (AI), and thus securing personal health around-the-clock for improved patient safety.

HealthWatch is a pioneer in harnessing d-textile technology to produce fashionable, seamless knitting, smart-digital garments with interwoven sensors unobtrusively measuring vital signs of hospital-grade quality. The company’s first product is a sensor-rich heart sensing textile garment incorporating 12-lead ECG with heart rate detection, skin temperature, respiratory, and body posture, allowing ECG and wider vital signs monitoring, compatible with gold standard ECG monitoring.

The Master Caution® Garment is home/hospital machine washable, with at least 50 washing cycles*, offering a full size range for men and for women.

*Accepted process within the textile industry.

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