Development Information Of Silver-plated Fiber

- Jun 23, 2017 -

The original silver fiber production technology is nylon 6 as the matrix, the use of chemical silver plating technology on the surface of nylon fibers to form a layer of silver coating formed by the fiber.

With the development of science and technology, silver fiber from the initial chemical silver-plated method, developed to nano-technology as the underlying technology, the use of chemical and physical methods of silver fiber production technology, the production of fabrics that is, nano-silver fiber fabric. But the domestic production of nano-silver fiber factory Few, most of the technology is immature, product performance instability.

Now domestic silver fiber fabrics, nano-silver fiber production technology most advanced and mature should be "wide-range nano-implanted silver plating technology", the technology is based on chemical fiber, cotton fiber as the matrix, through the broad-cloth nano-implanted silver plating technology, so that the silver ion core cleverly and firmly combined with the cellulose, thus greatly improving the stability of the product, the silver ion performance to the largest, the application of the technology greatly enhance the domestic functional fabric production technology, for the domestic special textile industry has contributed to the development.

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