Function And Properties Of Silver-plated Fiber

- Jun 23, 2017 -

Antibacterial deodorant

Antibacterial is to inhibit the proliferation of bacteria to achieve the purpose of antibacterial, and deodorant is not only to eliminate the odor generated in the environment, but also include bacteria decomposition of human sweat, sebum generated by the odor, corrupt substances, chemical substances and other intrinsic odor.

Silver-plated fiber has a good deodorant function, because in the warm and humid environment, silver has very high biological activity, very easy to combine with other substances. At this point, the silver ions on the fiber through the bacterial membrane inside and outside the coagulation of protein, kill or inhibit the breeding of bacteria, to prevent the spread of organic pollutants caused by the odor, to achieve deodorant purpose.


Silver-plated fiber can reflect the sun and the human body launched far infrared, in the hot climate, the outside temperature is higher than the body temperature, the silver fiber used in the outer garment material, it through the reflection of the sun radiation to prevent heat to reach the human body, and because silver is the fastest heat conduction elements, the silver fiber can also quickly spread the heat on the skin to reduce body temperature. In the cold climate, the silver fiber used in the inner layer clothing material, can reflect the human body radiant energy and play a very good warm effect, known as the "silver Thermos flask effect." Therefore, the silver fiber used in clothing materials can play a role in regulating body temperature, winter warm summer cool effect.

Antistatic, electromagnetic shielding

Silver in all metal conductivity of the best, this feature makes silver-plated fiber has a very good anti-static, electromagnetic shielding function. It is reported that the resistance of Agposs silver-plated fiber is less than 10, while the resistance of conventional yarns is Lx106. When Agposs silver-plated fiber blends with other fibres, less than 0 is used. Ago Poss can greatly improve the conductivity of blended fibers. By using KEC electromagnetic interference effect method to test the electromagnetic shielding performance of Agposs silver-plated fiber, it can be concluded that the content of silver fiber and microstructure have influence on the electromagnetic shielding properties of the fabric.

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