History And Present Situation Of Silver-plated Fiber

- Jun 23, 2017 -

1. 1 fiber outside gold plating technology

As early as 10th century, Germany, Israel, the United States took the lead in the fiber on the copper, nickel, silver and other metals research. and developed a related product, since then Japan, Russia, China has also started this aspect of research and development, now has a lot of relevant patents. At present, the use of silver-plated, copper-plated, nickel-plated fiber in radiation-proof textiles and clothing has been unique. The technology of outer gold plating of fiber is divided into the following 3 types.

1 Chemical Plating: The use of reducing agents in chemicals, the metal ion reduction deposition on the surface of the substrate to form metal film. The biggest drawback is that the process of electroless plating will produce sewage containing heavy metal ions, which will be restricted by environmental protection.

2) Electroplating: The use of electric current to reduce the metal ions in the solution, on the surface of the coated fiber substrate forming metal film.

3) Vacuum Plating: In the vacuum state, the metal is deposited on the surface of the textile material by the atomic or molecular state on the nano-structured metal film, which realizes the surface function of the textile material. It includes 3 kinds of methods: vacuum evaporation, vacuum ion plating and vacuum sputtering. Vacuum coating technology is the world's most advanced surface treatment technology. The effect of metallization on the surface of textile materials is ideal.

1. 2 existing silver-plated fiber varieties and preparation

The world's largest silver-plated fiber brand is the X-static of Nobel fiber Tech Nologies (the United States). The initial use of electroless plating technology, that is, the surface of polyamide fiber coated with a layer of sterling silver. At present, the fiber has authorized over manufacturer, but the price has been high, last year sales of 5 more than 0 U.S. dollars. In addition, Nobel company's sister company Sauquoil also developed a silver-plated fiber called Contax.

The study of silver-plated fiber in Japan is also very active. Toyoshima. , Ltd. In 1999 developed a trademark called Shan Func silver-plated fiber. It is a pure silver coating (about 0 thickness) on transparent film (Mus). 1), coated with a layer of the same thickness of the film, and then cut into 230 or 150 wide thin strips of silk. The structure is shown in Fig. 1. In addition, Mitsubishi Materials company in 2001 developed the production of silver-plated fiber Agposs. The diameter of the fiber is 0 15 25 silver. 1.

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