Textile And Apparel Industry, A Number Of National Standards Issued

- Jun 23, 2017 -

Recently, AQSIQ issued a notice, approved the publication of "woven Children's clothing" "Clothing measurement methods" and "Textiles color fastness test resistant Four vinyl dry cleaning color fastness" and other 354 national standards.

Among them, "Textiles colour fastness test resistant Four vinyl chloride dry cleaning color fastness" Standard name expressly modified to "four vinyl chloride" after dry cleaning, more close to the actual use of dry cleaning solvents, making with commercial dry cleaning results have a good relationship. At the same time, modified the principle of test, increase "test specimen and paste fabric after testing", and the evaluation of solvent staining to paste color.

It is understood that GB/T 5711 5015 "Textiles colour fastness test resistant to four vinyl chloride dry cleaning color fastness" will be implemented on April 1, 2016. The standard was revised using the International Standard ISO 105:2010 "Textiles color fastness test D01 part: Dry cleaning fastness test", will replace GB/T 5711 997 "Textiles color fastness test Dry cleaning color fastness."

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