After years of continuous efforts in R & D,Queen Textile Co., Ltd has now developed and produced the silver plated staple fibers effective for anti-bacterial,anti-microbial, odor-eliminating applications.

The silver plated staple fibers can be mixed with cotton,synthetic (recycled) fibers,silk and bamboo fibers,etc to make into a variety of fabrics.The mixture percentage can vary from 2% to 10% depending upon the actual applications.

The textile products made with the silver plated staple fiber are one of the best "combined" solutions to the below applications.

The silver-plated staple fibers with the mixture percentage from 2% to 10% for different applications would not increase the product cost significantly.Just for reference, a typical increase would be from USD $1000 to USD $3300 per metric ton (of the mixed staple fibers).If it is used in the textiles such as bedding,socks,underwear,and shoes,the unit cost would become insignificant.On the other hand,it would bring the revolutionary effects to the conventional products.The silver-plated staple fibers can be used to make,to name only a few,the air conditioner filters,the interior(decoration) fabrics,the seat cushions,and the wallpapers.

All in all, the silver-plated staple fibers are ideal textile materials for anti-bacterial,anti-microbial,odor-eliminating.The fibers have the properties as below:

1)All natural:The silver layer of the fiber is 99.9% pure silver,which is a natural element on earth,a safe metal to mammals and has no toxic chemicals in it.

2)Permanent:Silver is permanently bonded to a polymeric substrate fiber and it will not be washed off.

3)Antimicrobial and anti-odor:Silver has a long history as an antimicrobial agent.The silver fiber can effectively eliminate 99.9% of bacteria in less than one hour of exposure,and pure silver can inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi.

4)Anti-static:Through the coated pure silver layer,the silver fiber conducts electricity extremely efficiently and eliminates the static accumulation and static shock.

5)EMI and EMF Shielding:With the high electrical conductivity,the silver fibers and fabrics can effectively attenuate electromagnetic wave energy,protecting human body from EM irradiation,and avoiding electromagnetic interference.

6)Health care:Because of its conductive property,silver fiber has many health benefits including:promoting circulation,reducing swelling,and minimizing fatigue and discomfort.

7)Thermal regulating:Through its good heat conductive and reflective mechanism,silver fiber can conduct heat from the body to the outside to keep the body cool when the body temperature is high and reflect the heat from the fiber to keep the body warm in low temperature.

Based on these properties of our silver fibers,it can be used in many applications such as socks,intimates,footwear,outdoor or sports apparels,home textiles,antibacterial air and water filters,wound care dressing,medical gauze,EMF shielding fabrics,EMI shielding gaskets,irradiation protective uniforms and work wear,static-free apparels,etc.