Conductive X-static Yarn

Conductive X-static Yarn

X ray radiation shielding materials
Emf radiation shield
In different specifications
Tested by IEEE STD 299 standard and Chinese SJ20524 (MIL STD 285)
In 20MHz-10GHz the shielding effect is above 45dB

Product Details

ITEMConductive x-silver yarn
Electrical resistance <=40 ohms/cm (nylon FDY)
Break Extension60%
Acid-resistanceEndure the 150ml/L of hydrochloric acid
Oxidation resistanceEndure the hydrogen peroxide of 5%-30%.
Reducing-agent resistanceExcellent
Durability: Electrical resistance <=50ohm/cm after being washed 100 times
Application of anti-static product like anti static burush or glove,etc

conductive silver yarn

Electromagnetic shielding effectiveness of the silvered fabrics with different specifications has been measured according to IEEE STD 299 standard and Chinese SJ20524 (MIL STD 285). In the frequency range of 20MHz-10GHz the silvered fabrics have a shielding effectiveness of above 45dB with the highest value of 100dB.

100% Silver fiber nonwoven fabric or silver fiber blended nonwovens fabric with different silver fiber contents can be manufactured, which can be used as medical cloth, wound dressing or air filtering applications.

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