The EPTFE Film For Garment Fabric,micropores Films,performance Film For Special Apparel

1)Performance film for windproof,waterproof,keeping warm 2)Mositure permeability and breathability 3)Mainly for garment fabric 4)For outdoor wear,special apparel,etc 5)For shoes,hats,gloves,sleeping bag,tent,etc

Product Details

The ePTFE film use progressive biaxial streching process,the pore size is controlled bewteen 0.1-1um,with  the thickness of 20-60um and the poriness of 90%,there are up to hundreds of million micropores per cubic centimate.

The micropores are few hundreds time smaller than water molecules diameter and a few hundreds time greater then water vapour molecules,the water vapour can pass while the water can’t,so it has a excellent water proof breathable property;At the meantime,the micropores of the ePTEF film is hairline,it mostly has a bending shape vertically,weakening the air circulation both inside and outside the film greatly.

Therefore the combined fabric with the ePTEF film also has the function of windproof and keeping warm,to resist the invasion of humidity and cold wind.It’s not only pretty breathable,but also has a perfect effect on keeping warm outdoor,which is 2.5times greater than normal fabrics.

The film has been improved all the time since it was created,by special process on the ePTEF film,the firmness and endurance is enhanced drastically.



Product feature

1.Moisture permeability

The poriness of the ePTEF film is up to 80%,average pore size is 0.2um,the pore size of the micropores is 700 times greater than water vapour molecules, water vapour molecules can pass easily.The structure of the micropores make sure the sweat vapour can get through the micropores easily instead of holding on the skin and fabric to make people’s body keep dry and comfortable .



The combined fabrics by ePTEF film can be water proof even under the water pressure of 80lb/m2,wearing this kind of garment,people can’t feel the moisture even when people is standing in a violent stom or sitting on surface of the wet places.

Why the ePTEF film is so amazing with so many performances?The major reason comes to the main part of the fabric---the ePTFE film whose pore size of the micropores is 1/5000-1/20000 of the water drop’s diameter,so even the liquid small as the raindrop can’t get through.The surface energy of the film is very low,the water drop can’t spread out on the thin film,to block the water drop to pass.



In the process when the ePTFE is streching,it forms the micropore construction connected by knots and countless microfibers,pores is taken shape between each microfibers,the pores is connected by each other,finally the special net structure is completed.The wind can’t pass directly and it’ll change the direction to turn back when it meets obstruct,achieving the purpose to stop the air permeate,so it has a good performance of windpoof. 


4.Keeping warm

The ePTFE film possess the excellent moisture permeability,it can transport the water vapour which comes from he hunman being in time to ouside the microclimate,preventing the water vapour condense into liquid water,reduce the possibility of heat transfer by water.Although the surface of the film is distributed densely with plenty of micropores,the wind can’t get through,it can stop the air circulation in this way effectively.The test shows,the effect to keep warm of the combined fabric by the ePTEF film is 30-40% higher than traditional down jacket.

5.Antinuclear biochemistry and anti-UV

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